Diversity, structure, and variability of meiofauna

Despite meiofaunal assemblages are key elements of any marine habitat, how do they distribute, in terms of spatial and temporal scales, remains mostly unknown. We have tested if the diversity, structure, and stability of meiofauna differ between intertidal and subtidal soft-bottoms habitats. Following our a priori expectations, species diversity was higher in the subtidal than in the intertidal, as a result of the larger dominance of a few species in the intertidal. Similarly, the meiofaunal assemblage structure was different between tidal levels, the intertidal presenting greater temporal variability (multivariate dispersion) in the meiofaunal assemblage structure than the subtidal. The full reference is: R. Riera, Núñez, J., Brito, M.C., Tuya, F. 2012. Differences in diversity, structure, and variability between intertidal and subtidal meiofaunal assemblages. Ciencias Marinas 38(4): 677–693.

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