Holothurians: understanding their distribution, abundance and ecological attributes

Holothurians, so-called sea cucumbers, are understudied creatures in spite of their large presence in almost any marine habitat from the intertidal to the abyssal plains. Functionally, their contribution to the recycling of nutrients and organic matter is paramount. Two papers dealing with the ecology of holothurian on subtidal habitats of the Canaries have just come out. In the first contribution, we described the abundance size structure and colour patterns of the 3 most conspicuous holothurians species across the archipelago. The second paper deals with the feeding and movement of Holothuria santori, connecting their feeding patterns with the availability of organic matter and the gonadal maturation phases of this species, and describing their nocturnal incursions around their shelters. For more info, download the papers from the “publications”.

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