Fishes on Cymodocea nodosa seagrass meadows

Seagrasses are paramount habitats for onshore fishes, particularly during their early life stages. We have just published a paper that describes patterns in spatial variability (richness, abundance and diversity) of fish assemblages at 3 islands of the Canaries, through bottom trawls performed by SCUBA divers, assessing how the structural complexity of this habitat affects fish assemblage structure. The full reference is: Espino, F., Tuya, F., Brito, A., Haroun R.J. 2011. Spatial variability in the structure of the ichthyofauna associated with Cymodocea nodosa seagrass meadows across the Canary Islands, north-eastern subtropical Atlantic. Revista de BiologĂ­a Marina y OceanografĂ­a 46: 391-403. You can download (in Spanish except the abstract) the paper from the publication section.

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